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“Vacation Deal” you save 33% by getting 3 half days of rental (4 hours) for the price of 2 half days.  You can spread these half days out over your entire vacation time. 
When you book, we lock in your days and times on our booking system.  It will send you email reminders.  During your stay, you can request changes via our 24/7 website.   
For our Fishing Family pontoon, it is $584, for our Shaded Family pontoon, it is $720, for our Big Family pontoon, it is $856, for our Deluxe Family pontoon it is $992. 


“Weekday Deal” you save 25% by getting a half day of rental (4 hours of rental for the price of 3 hours).  
To see more pictures and read descriptions for one of these pontoons, click on this link Pontoons   
You can book your “deal” 24/7 on line by using the promo codes on that pontoon’s booking page.
Questions? send us an email at