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Pontoon Club

 Blue Pontoon L102-1--1465601793

You get 12 hours of pontoon rental at 33% off our regular price. Unlike other boating clubs, there is no annual membership fee. Plus, our fee includes gas and insurance – there is nothing else to pay.  You can purchase as many 12 hour blocks of time as you like.  You get all the fun and none of the hassle of ownership! 
After a one hour skills verification session, from then on; you just reserve, sign, and go!  We average less than 15 minutes from boathouse arrival to you being on the boat. You have a year to redeem your hours in 30 minute increments between 2 to 4 hours.  Your year starts the first time you use the boat, not when you pay. You can “lock in” (via our 24/7 website) those special boating days for you and/or your family. This is a great option for the seasonal boater.  
For 12 hours on our Economy Pontoon, it is $584; for 12 hours on our Classic Pontoon, it is $720; for 12 hours on our Family Pontoon, it is $856; for 12 hours on our Deluxe Pontoon, it is $992, and for 12 hours on our Premium Pontoon, it is $1128.  To read more about each pontoon boat click here .  Questions, contact our office by calling 770-479-6500 or come by on weekends from 1 to 5 PM.